We are here to make this experience as easy for you as possible

               Call and we can do a walk through - Make a plan - Get your sale going

                                    Mona 503-302-5227 or Denise 503-551-3536

Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer , while offering knowledgeable and friendly sevice at afforable rates. We know that you have a choice of dealers in the area and we appriciate your consideration. Our hope is that you'll feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations and know that you are always our number one focus.

Our expert knowledge of Antiques, Collectibles, House Hold Items, Tools, Rocks & Gems & Jewelry will help us create a successful sale for you. A Sale that will bring in the most for you and your family. We will get in and set the sale up promptly and competently. 

1) For us to give you a percentage or cost of a sale, we will have to meet and take a look at what is for sale.

2) The cost will be determined by the amount in the sale, how long to set it up and how many people I have to bring in to work the sale.

3) We can meet and I will let you know at that time.

                      We have a House Clean Business, we will leave House swept, Counters wiped and House empty

                                                                                  ****   Entire Households  *** 

                                                                            Let us take some of the stress off your shoulders

We Know how hard it is for you and the family, we would like to make it a little easier


We have a online sign up list to get into the sale right at 9:00am the first day of the sale.(If you plan to come to the sale anytime after we open you do not need to get on the list)

To get on our sign up list for Friday morning, call or text your name and any name of people who are coming with you to the sale at 503-991-4933 starting at midnight and going all day Thursday. Starting at midnight.

We will add you to the list as your name comes through with a time stamp. This saves some of us from getting ran over if we let everyone go at the same time ..